Victory begins today.

World-class fencers and proven mental skills coaches, Jason Pryor and Corwin Duncan are ready to transform you — from an athlete to a champion.

Meet Our Coaches


Jason Pryor

2016 Olympian; National Champion.


Corwin Duncan

Junior National Championship title; 9th place, Junior World Championships.


The SharperMind Philosophy

When you step onto the strip, you risk everything. You’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears to prepare for this moment. Your heart is pounding. Your body is raring to go. Your eyes are fixed on your opponent, and the world’s eyes are watching you. Your friends, your family, and your country stand by in rapt attention, whether they’re up in the stadium or back home, crowded around the television. You can’t afford to let them down. But after all… you’re human.

So what will you do when your challenger manages to get in your head? When, after all those thousands of hours of grueling training, your muscles don’t respond with the razor-sharp precision you’ve come to expect? When the possibility of defeat stares you down and threatens to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

At SharperMind Training, we’re convinced that, in spite of everything we rigorously train our bodies to do, an athlete’s fiercest enemy is her mind. Having met and overcome our own mental demons to achieve consistently exceptional results, we’re positive that the wisdom we’ve gained will mold you into the master athlete you were meant to be.


Why Mental Skills Matter


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